Milly (milly) wrote,

New vid: 'The Garden' (Cadavres) [o canada premiere]

Title: The Garden:
Description: Look what you've done to me.
Fandom: Cadavres (2009)
Song: 'The Garden', Mirah
Length: 2:15
Size: 41 MB
Download (avi, divx)
Note: Nudity, sexual content and graphic violence. And one dead pig.

"The Garden", Mirah

Oh oh i really wanted that thing
I just want to sing
I love you baby
Won't you bring
All the flowers you
Find out in the garden
Don't tell me the truth
That your heart has hardened

But you don't want me anymore
How can it be
Look what you've done to me

Oh oh
Oh oh the bee does quickly sting
I was wondering
If you could maybe darling
Think? I'd give everything
If you'd grant my love a pardon
And all the fruits
Again would fill the garden

But you don't want me anymore
How can it be?
Look what you've done to me

Oh oh
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh (and so on)

This is the first movie vid I have made! (I'm pretty sure O_o) It's also the first time I work with french canadian source. It feels very personal to me in that sense and I love that movie. I knew I wanted to vid it as I was sitting in the theater, watching it. The source is gorgeous, visually speaking, and deeply twisted, narratively speaking. It was a delight to vid.

Tags: cons: vidshow, cons: vidshow: canada, vidding: movies, vidding: vid post

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